Supermilk 65%: Redefining Chocolate With Each Bite

supermilk 65
I’m all for homemade chocolate, but sometimes, you want to bite into rich chocolate goodness made by someone else. No fuss or mess in the kitchen is a good thing, right? Supermilk 65% has been on my must-try list for quite some time, but I have finally crossed it off.

How did it taste? Does it really redefine chocolate?

From the first bite, I was in bliss. The chocolate had a powerful cocoa flavor that I’ve never experienced before. A quick glance at the ingredients will explain why:

Supermilk 65% Ingredients

  • 65% of pure cocoa (mass and butter)
  • Milk (full cream – just a splash)
  • Sugar – not too much
  • Soya lecithin – an emulsifier

Hotel Chocolat set out to make the chocolate of chocolates. Not too sweet, yet powerful in flavor.

An obvious dark chocolate, this super milk chocolate creation comes in a 100g bar with an elegant design. Slipping it out of the packing, you’ll noticed the Hotel Chocolat branding embossed on the front.

hotel chocolat

A Unique Taste

If you’ve tried 25% cocoa chocolate before, you’re in for a treat with this bar. It’s – well – a completely different taste than expected. Once it enters your mouth, you’ll taste the chocolate flavor with the thick melt. Don’t take too big of a bite your first time.

With a hint of a milk chocolate taste, you’ll find that the cocoa is rather strong yet provides a smooth flavor.

As the chocolate melts, you’ll experience a somewhat creamy flavor that isn’t overly sweet. For a non-milk chocolate, this was a surprising treat. With a mellow flavor and a soft edge, you’ll be in chocolate heaven – minus the normal bitter taste. It’s near perfection for anyone that enjoys a rich cocoa taste.

Milk chocolate lovers will be surprised because this bar is not as sweet as its milky counterparts. Heck, I’m not sure it would have been as good if it was any sweeter. However, the texture, the creamy goodness in your mouth will be the same. After trying dozens of chocolates, I can’t recall a cocoa bar that resembles milk chocolate in the same manner.

Full fat milk power adds to the bar’s taste and authentic flavor. Your taste buds will go wild as it meets the cocoa and milk flavors. Supermilk 65% is nothing short of delicious.

Finally, finally I have found the creamy goodness of milk chocolate in a cocoa bar that almost mimics its counterpart to perfection, yet somehow makes chocolate even better.

Wondering how much your waistline will grow?

A serving of just 25g is recommended. This serving will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings and includes 140 calories – almost 5% less than milk. Cocoa butter makes up the 43% fat content of Supermilk, but don’t worry – this is a healthy, natural fat.

With Supermilk, there’s 20% less sugar used which means fewer empty calories.

Who thought that chocolate could be this good, yet healthier than milk chocolate?

There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners used either. It’s all pure, delicious coca and regular granulated sugar with a dash of milk.

Okay, okay, if you’re not worried about the nutritional factors, I have another fact for you. Normal milk chocolates contain just 25% cocoa – in the UK of course. With 65% cocoa, your mouth will be overwhelmed with flavors.

Less sugar and more cocoa does redefine chocolate. The larger percentage of cocoa actually satisfies your cravings, meaning you’ll eat less and love every last gram of chocolate you eat.

It’s easy to get me excited about chocolate, but it’s hard for me to find a chocolate as creamy and delicious as Supermilk 65%.

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