7 Distinctive Ruby Chocolate Recipes (Beginner to Expert)

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Ruby chocolate made its debut in 2017 during a trade exhibition in Shanghai. It was a discreet debut, taking months before Nestle made it accessible to the public in the shape of a Japanese KitKat bar. It first created quite a stir due to the assertion that it is the fourth form of chocolate, after dark, milk, and white chocolates. But, interest waned as a result of the months-long intervals between releases to larger audiences.

Barry Callebaut is still the exclusive manufacturer and seller of ruby chocolate more than a decade later. This is perhaps why, apart from culinary pros, there are so few ruby chocolate recipes available. With the proper credentials, they may get large quantities of ruby chocolate known as Ruby RB1. Yet, for those of us who like to bake with ruby chocolate at home, here are several simple ruby chocolate recipes ranging from home cook to experienced baker.

What Is Ruby Chocolate and How to Make It?

A substantial percentage of ruby chocolate’s constituents, like white and milk chocolate, are cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar. It includes cacao solids, exactly like milk chocolate, however the legal minimums for the product are roughly 3% cacao. The ruby cacao beans used are supposed to be derived from Brazil, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast, but there is no information on what makes them special.

Its apparently natural pink appearance is not the result of added food coloring, although it becomes brownish when subjected to even low-temperature baking. The original hue of the confection is assumed to be due to a fermenting process disclosed in a 2009 patent submitted by Barry Callebaut, which explains why it is affected by high heat. But, information on how they achieved the hue is not publicly accessible and hence remains a trade secret.

Ruby has a creamy flavor profile similar to white chocolate with a tangy, acidic berry flavor. There aren’t many ruby chocolate recipes available since public acceptance has been slower than expected (note the date of the epidemic as well).

Yet, ruby chocolate has a broad variety of uses and works similarly to white chocolate. Ruby chocolate, on the other hand, is very susceptible to moisture, air, and light; any kind of heat exposure causes the pink hue to grey or fade. As a result, recipes that call for ruby chocolate frequently call for the use of a coloring ingredient, such as beetroot or hibiscus powder, to restore the pinkish hue.

The Best Ruby Chocolate Recipes

Ruby Truffles in Chocolate

Preparation Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Ruby chocolate truffles are an easy way to get started with ruby chocolate recipes. These bite-sized spherical balls are filled with cream and cookie crumbs and dusted liberally with icing sugar and pink drink powder. The mixing and chilling of the ganache is a quick and easy operation with a tremendous return (or rather, a few dozen of them). Without much effort, the outcome is a creamy and firm red chocolate treat.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

Ruby Chocolate Truffles

Preparation time: 1 hour and 25 minutes

The firm ruby outer shell and vanilla white chocolate ganache filling of these ruby chocolate bonbons. Ruby chocolate’s creamy, fruity flavor is balanced by vanilla-scented ganache’s similarly creamy richness. The recipe is simple to make and adds a pink berry touch to the more classic vanilla and white chocolate combination.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

Blondies with Ruby Chocolate

Preparation time: 1 hour

Another quick recipe that highlights the underlying berry flavor of ruby chocolate in the fudgey sweetness of blondies. The top of a ruby chocolate brownie batter is coated with ruby chocolate chunks after it has been cooked until crusted. As with other heat-based recipes, the ruby chocolate will lose part of its color during baking, so extra food coloring may be used for a deeper shade of pink.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

Crinkles in Ruby Chocolate

Preparation Time: 27 minutes

The ruby chocolate cookie recipe for these crinkle cookies is laced with genuine vanilla flavor. Beetroot powder is used to restore the pinkish tone of the cookies while they bake in the oven before being lavishly dusted with caster sugar and icing sugar. This ruby chocolate recipe gives the crinkles a beautiful pink color that is both interesting and simple to combine.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

Cake with Ruby Chocolate Roulade

Preparation Time: 15 Hours

This recipe for ruby chocolate sponge cake has it all! It consists of a milk chocolate cake roll filled with creamy whipped ruby chocolate ganache, covered in an almond ruby chocolate glaze shell, and topped with a ruby chocolate garnish. Needless to say, the recipe is not for inexperienced bakers, but it is appealing since it combines many types of ruby chocolate into a single dish. Creating this cake also requires a significant amount of preparation time, notably the hours necessary to chill and freeze components of the cake prior to construction.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

clairs d’or avec la glacée ruby

Time to prepare: 13 hours and 30 minutes

Clairs are fantastic pastries. The light and airy choux pastry is filled with ruby chocolate cream in this recipe, which can be seen on Barry Callebaut’s website. Thanks to the ruby chocolate frosting on top, the combination gives the eclairs a pleasant hardness and snap. Although this is not for novices, it is not as difficult as the cake above, despite the lengthy preparation period. All of the stages in the recipe are simple; just the chilling period adds to the preparation time.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

Chocolate Ruby Cheesecake

Time to prepare: 4 hours and 25 minutes

This is a traditional cheesecake with a tart ruby chocolate twist. Ruby chocolate’s berry flavor complements the cream cheese foundation, which is layered over a buttery shortbread crust. This recipe has a strong creamy ruby chocolate taste, but I would argue that this distinguishes it from the other ruby chocolate recipes on our list, giving it the coveted last slot. The cheesecake itself is simple to prepare, but this recipe goes all out on aesthetics with the extra decorations, so your prep time will be reduced if your cheesecake is less opulent.

To prepare this recipe, go here.

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