About Us

H.S. Chocolate Co., located in New York City, is owned and operated by MaryAnne Hoekstra-Shekar, a lifelong lover of chocolate who considers her sweet tooth a badge of honor. She has fond memories of spending time at her grandmother’s small town cafe in Minnesota before and after school watching the magical creation of an array of delicious desserts. In creating H.S. Chocolate Co., MaryAnne wanted to put a fresh spin on her favorite childhood treats. Many of the items in the H.S. Chocolate Co. product line pay homage to MaryAnne’s childhood and the memories of her favorite sweets.

At H.S. Chocolate Co. we believe that chocolate should be an unforgettable, gourmet experience — each bite, every bite. And as dedicated chocophiles ourselves, it is our pleasure to bring people good ol’ fashioned chocolates and confections with complex flavor profiles created by true artisans. Starting with the finest Belgian chocolate, each confection is crafted by hand in small batches. H.S. Chocolate Co. confections are reminiscent of the sumptuous sweets of childhood but with just enough of a twist to delight sophisticated palates. We offer artisan candy bars, filled chocolates, and chocomels (flavored caramels dipped in chocolate — they taste even better than they sound). Our treats blend classic and exotic flavors, and we always start with fresh, high-quality ingredients utilizing local purveyors whenever possible.

In our world chocolate is what it used to be, what it’s meant to be. Decadent, silky, and handcrafted by people who remember peering through clean glass windows into a wonderland of confections — each piece a gift to the eye as well as to the taste buds. So close those eyes, let your shoulders settle, and prepare to go weak in the knees. You haven’t tasted anything until you’ve tasted H.S. Chocolate Co. chocolates and confections.