Boulder Chocolate Shops: A Comprehensive Guide

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Boulder, Colorado is renowned for rock climbing, yoga, and very expensive real estate rather than chocolate. But, the city is also home to ChocoLove Chocolate (also known as xoxo chocolate in my family), a mass-market chocolate producer with headquarters and a production site in Boulder. The firm was formed over 25 years ago and has since expanded internationally, importing allegedly excellent Belgian chocolate then flavoring it once it arrives at the facility. Chocolove is likely Boulder’s most well-known chocolate, but it shouldn’t be.

Today, I’d want to introduce you to numerous Boulder chocolate stores with considerably superior variety than Chocolove chocolates, but several of these shops also offer that brand. After spending a few weeks exploring Boulder’s chocolate industry with my sister, these are the greatest and worst chocolate manufacturers in Boulder, as well as some of the finest locations to get bean to bar chocolate. Since the city is tiny to begin with, I’ve divided the stores by kind, whether they’re chocolatiers, chocolate manufacturers, or merchants that also sell chocolate. Hours may alter in the future months when state limitations are lifted.

Boulder Chocolate Makers

Love and chocolate in one piece

This Boulder chocolate business is a local favorite for a reason. They sell anything from dipped figs and toffees to single origin chocolate bars and handmade sweets. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their menu of hot chocolate and espresso-based beverages, as well as a huge case of cakes and pastries in a range of flavors, is prominently displayed on the side wall. Their gluten-free brownie is sweet yet rich, and it would go well with a scoop of ice cream, either there or at home.

The only item I didn’t like were the macarons. These looked wonderful, but they were created with flavoring liquids rather than pure fruit purees or espresso, for example, so they tasted flat and too sugary. But I liked the bonbons and would return in a heartbeat for a collection of them. My favorites were the varied caramels and the honey lavender, while the milk chocolate hazelnut was also delicious.

Sun-Tuesday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Wednesday-Saturday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Boulder, CO 80302 (805 Pearl Street)

Chocolates Lift

I’d been looking forward to sampling the bonbons from here since it’s one of the few stores in Boulder that sells non-mass-produced chocolate. Moreover, despite their tiny size, they provide a wide assortment of bonbons and confections, including toffee and chocolate-dipped oranges. Furthermore, although the bonbons appear lovely, they generally fell short for me, with the caramels missing any form of cooked sugar taste (and in two cases remaining very granular). Based on the pricing, I had great hopes, but only the pia colada and peanut butter bonbons were excellent; everything else tasted either nothing like its flavor or so much like it that you couldn’t taste the chocolate around it. I liked the blueberry + toasted white chocolate bars they offer, but I doubt I’d return just for them.

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

6395 Gunpark Dr., Boulder, CO 80301 (located in Suite R; the place is nondescript)

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a chocolate factory in Colorado.

I’m not sure why I expected more from this RMCF site, maybe since we’re so near to the Rockies? But, like with other Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory locations, this outlet is stocked with their famous candied apples and chocolate confections, including several hefty bonbons. The chocolates I tested were too sugary and flat, despite the fact that the flavors were often robust. Boulder certainly has superior chocolate stores.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday 10:30am-8pm

1300 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

The Kilwins Boulder

Kilwins has a wide variety of truffles and chocolate confections, including goofy Boulder-inspired treats. They also sell numerous of their distinctive fudge types, which are all wonderful but quite sugary (as fudge tends to be). Their weight-based pricing is ideal for individuals who like trying a range of confections, but although the chocolates I sampled were delicious and not overpowering, they lacked the intensity Id expect for the price. Kilwins is a good option if you only want a well-packaged chocolate present to take home from your vacation.

Mon-Thu: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri-Sun: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

1430 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Boulder Chocolate Manufacturers

Chocolate with Moksha

Jennifer and Michael Caines, an international couple who have lived in Boulder for many years, created Moksha, a very new Boulder chocolate business, in 2017. They got their start in chocolate in 2013, when they had the chance to go to Peru and connect with a small network of local cacao producers. You may recall the company from my post on CBD Chocolate, since Moksha has created a reputation for itself in the region with their dual portfolio of straight and CBD-infused chocolates, depending on your requirements at the moment.

Although the duo does not yet have a storefront, they have excellent distribution for their bars, which offer vegan-friendly as well as classic chocolates in all three varieties: white, milk, and dark. I just had the opportunity to taste their bars, and although I don’t depend only on infused chocolates for my CBD consumption, theirs are a terrific way to experience CBD in a familiar, tasty, and ethical medium. The vegan white raspberry bar from their CBD line is undoubtedly a highlight, while the blood orange bar from their straight chocolates is my favorite; the huge chunks of blood orange gently flavor the whole bar.

Click here to browse their chocolate selection.

Fortuna Dark Chocolate

Fortuna Chocolate is the result of a year-long effort by a tiny family with roots in both Colorado and Mexico, as well as a legendary global travel past. Fortunately for us, Fortuna finally established in Boulder and now sells its delectable dark, milk, and white chocolates to both residents and postal system aficionados. Local mint, puffed quinoa (my fave), black sesame, and turmeric coconut lime are among the flavors available, with each 1oz. bar packaged in a totally biodegradable sleeve, as seen above.

Fortuna Chocolate is now only available online and in local merchants. It is produced entirely of organic cacao derived from southern Mexico, where it is said to have been cultivated after being transported from South America thousands of years ago. Fortuna is dedicated to delivering this old cacao to a modern market; their product range now includes stone-ground cacao, which is ideal for producing pure chocolate drinks at home. During the epidemic, they even began selling limited-edition cacao prints directly from Mexico City, a charming addition to their t-shirts and bags, each of which helps a different non-profit organization.

Click here to browse their chocolate selection.

Boulder’s Bean to Bar Chocolate (Retailers)

Boulder that has been cured

This gourmet grocery store, newly rebuilt, is more known locally for their fantastic cheese and meat choices, but just at the door is a tiered display with several specialty chocolate bars. The cacao origins, like the manufacturers’, span from hyper-local to the furthest reaches of Asia and South America. Cured boasts one of the greatest artisan chocolate options in Boulder, including a few dozen distinct bean to bar chocolate products. You can also have a sandwich from the counter and then sit with a coffee from Boxcar Coffee, which shares the room, if you go a little farther in. With any sausage-based sandwich, I definitely suggest an oat milk latte.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am-7pm; Saturday-Sun 9am-6pm

1825 Pearl St, Suite B, Boulder, CO 80302

Boulder Booksellers

At first appearance, and even second glance, this bookstore is hardly the best place in town to satisfy your chocolate needs. Yet, take my word for it: their assortment surpasses Cured’s huge choice of local and worldwide producers, with the additional benefit of being surrounded by books. A towering carousel of elegantly placed bars and caramels, loaded on three sides with a variety entirely distinct from that of Cured, can be found only feet from the entrance. Just don’t forget to set aside time to read the books!

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30am-8:30pm; Sunday 11am-7pm

1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Boulder Wine Shop

Boulder Wine Shop has a couple shelves of artisan chocolates from a dozen different manufacturers, all displayed directly at the entryway. This assortment is in addition to the rest of their artisanal cuisine department, which has been carefully picked to compliment their extensive variety of wines and other alcoholic drinks. When I visited, I got a Fruition bar and a Markham & Fitz bar, but it’s worth taking a few additional minutes to get some cheese and wine.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday 11am-8pm

Boulder, CO 80304 is located at 2690 Broadway.

Before we leave the subject of chocolate in Boulder, I’d like to introduce you to Cholaca, a company introduced to me by a chocolate acquaintance who used to reside in Denver. Cholaca, although not a real store, is a Boulder-made chocolate intended for the food service and beer-brewing audience. If you chance to be in the area, operate a business, and are searching for chocolate liquor or nibs to make your own goods, theirs is worth checking out. Additionally, after visiting numerous well-known Boulder coffeehouses, the greatest espresso in Boulder is unquestionably from Ozo Coffee or Boxcar Coffee Roasters. Just take one from each and thank me later!

Map of Boulder Chocolate Shops

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