Busan Chocolate Guide: 9 Shops To Check Out

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The chocolate scene in Busan is quite diverse and spread out. When compared to chocolate stores in Seoul, those in Busan are spread out outrageously far apart and only accessible via public transit. Since it took me a few multiple visits to Busan to be able to see them all, the Busan chocolate scene is not an event that you should speed through, regardless of whether you are a guest or a resident of the city.

Because there are not nearly as many possibilities as there are in Seoul, I have decided to arrange the stores in the order of the cardinal directions, beginning with the businesses that are farthest to the north. This also had the happy consequence of elevating to the top of the heap the one and only artisanal chocolate manufacturer in the city. Because his company is one of the newest of all of them, I think it is very important for you to investigate Postman Chocolate. His store is an excellent addition to the schedule for your trip to Korea.

Remember to pick up a chocolate doughnut for me while you’re at the store.

Postman Chocolate

In spite of its spartan look and restricted hours, Postman offers a diverse selection of five chocolate bars originating from three distinct regions, in addition to a modest selection of chocolate-based treats that change often. At the moment, he provides a chocolate with a Madagascar origin, a chocolate with an Ecuador origin, and a chocolate with a Venezuelan origin. The Yuzu and Cardamom bars are both manufactured using the Venezuelan chocolate. When I went there in December of 2018, his dessert selection comprised chocolate macarons, chocolate brownies, and chocolate donuts. The Ecuadorian chocolate was used in their preparation.

The proprietor has a basic command of English, and there are three bar stools lined up at the front of the establishment for those who would want to dine in or linger for a conversation after trying out one of his many flavor profiles. Postman is also a one-man business, and the owner does occasionally travel to sell at markets; thus, it is important to check the brand’s Instagram account in advance to see whether or not he will be opening the store on the day in question.

Address: 1st floor, 37 Oryundae-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산시 금정구 오륜대로 37 1층

Hours & Prices: 12pm-7pm, Fri.-Sun. (₩6800-14000 per bar)

Cacao Du

Cacao Du is a hybrid establishment consisting of a small bakery and a café. It offers a range of lattes and a few distinct kinds of cakes, most of which are of the lava sort. Even if there is hardly no English at all, it should not be too difficult to interpret the scribbled signs. The chocolates had a degree of hit-or-miss quality to them in my opinion, with the silky yuzu ganache emerging as the clear victor.

My absolute favorite items on the menu had to be the macarons. Not only did they come in interesting flavors like crème brulee and injeolmi, but they were also really tasty. In this day and age, it seems that the macarons are their most important product. When you dine in at Cacao Du, you are only allowed one drink per guest, regardless of whether or not you also purchase any of their sweets. The restaurant provides seating for around two dozen people.

Address: 419-9 Jangjeon 2(i)-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 금정구 장전2동 419-9

Hours & Prices: 12-10pm, daily (₩1500-2000 per truffle)

Sweet B

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This little chocolate store in Busan is airy and well-lit, and it’s where I get some of the best bonbons in the city. When I travel into the city, I always make it a point to stop by a Sweet B and pick up a box of truffles or a slice of cake to take home with me. They have a cheerful staff and an active Instagram where they show off their most recent initiatives. They also offer a very broad drink menu, which includes anything from coffee and chocolate to fruit juices.

Despite the fact that Sweet B provides space for around 10 customers and two walls of goodies in addition to two walls of chairs, I very seldom saw anybody stop in to sit there. The gorgeous bonbons are opulently silky, and they are crafted in the French manner of ganaches and caramels. As a result, it seems that the majority of customers come in for take-away orders. Sweet B is not in the most convenient location since it is situated somewhat closer to Gimhae than it is to the core of Busan; yet, I can perfectly see why you would make the effort to travel all the way here.

Be aware that the salted caramel chocolate stick is solid chocolate and not chocolate filled with caramel if you choose to purchase it; this is an important distinction. I won’t let myself fall into that trap again.

English Address: 413-25 Deokcheon 2(i)-dong, Buk-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 북구 덕천2동 413-25

Hours & Prices: 10am-10pm, Mon.-Sat. (₩2500 per truffle)

Bella Luna

With its three levels of well-known chocolate delight, Bella Luna occupies a sizeable portion of ocean-side property. Their chocolate variety is extensive, with over a dozen different tastes and an emphasis on ganaches made from a single origin. Even though they utilize a variety of couvertures to reach the right harmony of sweet and bitter, each of their flavored ganaches is finished with a dusting of cocoa powder and bears an imprint of the respective flavor’s name. This is a delectable option, even if it may become more liquid during the warmer months.

In addition to the extensive menus of beverages and bonbons, the cafe provides customers with a half dozen distinct kinds of brownies as well as a limited variety of cakes and cookies that are created in-house. By a wide margin, our go-to choices are the chewy Silk Caramel and the Peru Milk, both of which are nicely covered with cocoa powder. Be sure to collect your beverages before making your way up to the second or third level to watch the sunset while rocking back and forth on one of the covered seats.

Address: 66-1 Songjeonggwangeogol-ro, Songjeong-dong, Haeundae, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 해운대구 송정동 송정광어골로 66-1

Hours & Prices: 10am-11pm, daily (₩3500 per truffle)

Lucie Slow Shop

One of the less well-known chocolate stores in all of Busan is called Lucie’s. She only operates for a few hours on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, but if you chance to be in the area and have a need for chocolate, she is the person to see. The shop’s one and only location is a teeny-tiny outlet with a very limited selection of products, but each one is skillfully crafted and available in a wide range of tastes including green tea, strawberry, and caramel. The proprietor is the sole person working in the store, and she can communicate in a limited capacity in both English and French in order to describe the many kinds of chocolate.

I think the orangettes, which are chocolate-covered candied orange peels, would be a great way to bring a little bit of France into your day. After all, Lucie did get her education at the prestigious Cordon Bleu in Paris. In addition to that, there are free samples. For any customized orders or to make a reservation, please send her a direct message on Instagram (using the link provided above) with at least one day’s notice.

Address: 187-5, Gwangan-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산시 수영구 광안동 187-5

Hours & Prices: 4pm-7:30pm, Wed./Fri./Sat. (₩5000-9900 per chocolate creation)

Columbus Circle Designed Chocolate

Near Haeundae Beach in Busan, there is a store that is quite modest in size and is sandwiched in between two very tall buildings. The extremely kind proprietor is fluent in English and will quickly attempt to determine your preferences in chocolate, since she often stocks anywhere from ninety to one hundred different types at any one moment. What is the other allure? Every single one of her chocolates is crafted without the addition of any sugar, and when possible, she even uses sugar-free chocolate.

Her chocolates are really works of art in miniature form, and the delightfully buttery scones that she makes are always a pleasant surprise. They are prepared with almond flour and just the right amount of salt so that they do not make one feel bloated. Because of this, there will be more space for chocolate, right? The passion fruit and mango pistachio truffles are also remarkable, but what truly took me by surprise was the quality of her small spherical truffles packed with really fluffy ganaches. These little truffles were just perfect. I would strongly suggest making an investment in a box of them, along with a couple passion fruit truffles to bring along with you.

Address: 1411 U-dong, Haeundae, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 해운대구 우동 1411

Hours & Prices: 10:30am-9pm, daily (₩2500-3500 per truffle)

Dala Chocolate

Despite the fact that it would seem great on Instagram, this pink house did not in the least bit move me. It has gained quite a bit of notoriety because to their dinosaur-egg bingsu (), which consists of a mound of shaved ice covered with chocolate ice cream and syrup, as well as a giant hollow dinosaur egg made of white chocolate. Because they are served with a hammer to shatter the “egg,” they have garnered quite a deal of attention as a result of the invention; nevertheless, based on my experience there, I get the opinion that the majority of the attention is all hype.

The bicerin drink that my buddy ordered was much too sugary, and the chocolate paves she ordered had an odd metallic flavour. The milk chocolate was the variety that had the least unpleasant taste out of the three. You may also purchase chocolate bars and macarons at Dala, in addition to a wide range of chocolate-flavored beverages; nevertheless, if our past encounters are any indication, we recommend that you go elsewhere for your chocolate needs.

If you do decide to get anything to drink, your best bet is to buy a latte and limit your flavor options to those that include milk chocolate.

Address: 14 Jeonpo-daero 209beon-gil, Jeonpo 1(il)-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 부산진구 전포1동 전포대로209번길 14

Hours & Prices: 11am-11pm, daily (₩1500-2500 per truffle)


The Aleph is a pleasant small business, but it makes too much of an effort to be open and cheerful. Because it is on the ground level and is flanked by extremely towering buildings, the lighting is of the utmost importance in order to make the room seem more open. On the other hand, after experiencing everything as a whole, I felt as if I had entered a cafeteria. The sitting is comfortable, and the personnel is kind; nevertheless, in addition to the environment, the chocolates were uninspiring and had taste profiles that were lacking.

The variety of fruit tastes was impressive, but the overall product’s quality fell short of expectations. Relax with a good book while reading some pave chocolates and a cappuccino for three thousand yen. If you buy anything, that is. In addition, they have a limited lunch menu as well as the standard fare of cafe fare such as honey bread and brownies.

Address: 210 Seunghak-ro, Goejeong 1(il)-dong, Saha-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 부산광역시 사하구 괴정1동 승학로 210

Hours & Prices: 11am-10pm, daily (₩2000 per truffle)

GCV Chocolatier

When it comes to chocolatiers, GCV… is considered to be one. They employ chocolate in the production process, but sadly, rather than transforming it into tasty sweets, most of the time they merely re-mold the chocolate into other shapes. When I went back to the store a year ago during the winter, they still did not have any truffles in stock, but the couple that owns the business said that around the holidays they create truffles. They specialize in producing solid chocolates in the form of the well-known homes in GCM Village. Since these chocolates are considerably simpler to produce than truffles, I can see why they are hesitant to grow their business.

GCV is open for business during the Village’s busiest hours, which are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; however, they often suspend their activities during the Village’s off-peak times of year. Make sure you check their social media for any announcements of closures.

Address: 161 Gamnae 2(i)-ro, Gamcheon 2(i)-dong, Saha-gu, Busan (see map below)

Korean Address: 161 감내2로 감천2동 사하구 부산광역시

Hours & Prices: 11am-5pm, Thur.-Tue. (₩2500-10000 per chocolate creation)

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