Chocolate On The Road: Craft Sugar Free Chocolate

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“Sugar is demonized.”

-Ayano Kimura, Co-founder of Böhnchen & Co. Chocolate

When I was a youngster, finding my mother’s chocolate stash in the pantry was always thrilling. That is, it was great until I learned that my mother only kept sugar-free chocolate in the pantry. Sugar-free chocolate has always been categorized as “other” in the chocolate aisle as far back as I can remember. It never had a flavor that was very chocolaty, and it wasn’t particularly healthy for you, either. But after trying sugar-free chocolate made by an artisan chocolatier not so long ago, I’ve completely revised my opinion of it.

The sheer presence of firms like Bohnchen & Co. in Thailand sets up a Pandora’s Box of problems since handmade chocolate is a relatively new niche. These include the boundary that separates health and pleasure, the significance of sourcing properly, and the lack of moderation that is prevalent in today’s culture. This isn’t your momma’s stockpile of sugar-free chocolate any more, is it?

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Topics We Cover

    • the development of public opinion and the present situation in the sugar-free chocolate industry
    • The Ketogenic diet was a major factor in the development of several companies’ sugar-free chocolate bar products, which demonstrates the malleability of the phrase “sugar-free.”
    • the sugar-free chocolate enjoyment as a meeting point between health and pleasure
    • Common substitutes for sugar that are now available on the market
    • the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of alternative sweeteners, as well as how they are manufactured
    • white sugar at a cheap cost used as a foil for sugar-free chocolate; being a premium product in a market where premium products are already prevalent.

Show Timeline

0:00-4:20~ Episode & guests’ introduction, including a look as misconceptions about what quality sugar-free chocolate brings to the table.

4:20-9:50~ The definition of “sugar” as a general term, and various types of alternative sweeteners on the market today.

9:50-18:00~ How some of the most common alternative sweeteners are produced, and how they interact during the chocolate making process.

18:00-20:16~ No sugar added chocolates as a subset of “sugar-free” chocolates, & the end of the episode.

More About Our Guests

Bohnchen & Co. was established by Ayano Kimura and Tobias Schramm, its co-founders. Chocolate originating from the city of Bangkok in Thailand. The company specialized in producing sugar-free, keto-friendly craft chocolate that was made with an exclusive mixture of various sugar substitutes. Check out Bohnchen’s Website, as well as his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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