Chocolate On The Road: The Origin Story

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I believe that the depth of flavor that cacao offers is what first piqued my interest in it. It may be considered a science due to the fact that so much attention, so much focus, and so much knowledge are required.

Jonas Rosales Tejero

In this pilot episode of Chocolate On The Road, a podcast in the form of a documentary that explores current issues and hot places for chocolate lovers all around the globe, you’ll get to know three chocolate industry experts who couldn’t be more different from one another.

Come along with me and our other guests as we go to southern Africa and Tanzania, Venezuela and England, France and the United States in search of bean-to-bar chocolate discoveries and superb cacao realizations. I assure you that listening to this chocolate podcast will feel like embarking on the adventure of a lifetime!

Episode Topics

  • Details on the content of the program as well as the release schedule for new episodes
  • How the show’s host, Max Gandy, got his start in the handmade chocolate industry
  • The history that led to the establishment of Kokoa Kamili
  • Why chocolate was chosen by Jonas Tejero as the medium through which he would make a difference in Venezuela
  • Which handmade chocolate bar was the turning point that entirely changed Estelle Tracy’s perspective on chocolate?

Show Timeline

  • 0:00-1:11 About the show
  • 1:11-5:45 Max’s origin story
  • 5:45-10:52 Simran’s origin story
  • 10:52-13:45 Jonas’s origin story
  • 13:45-18:30 Estelle’s origin story
  • 18:30-20:05 More about the show & future episodes

More About Our Guests

Simran Bindra is one of the co-founders of Kokoa Kamili, which is a cocoa producer located in Tanzania’s Kilombero Valley. Visit Kokoa Kamili’s website, as well as her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hult Chocolate Society in London, England was established by Jonas Rosales Tejero, who is also a current Master of International Business candidate at Hult International Business School. Visit the Hult Chocolate Society’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

Estelle Tracy is the author of many books on American food for French expats and also blogs about chocolate at 37 Chocolates. Visit 37 Chocolate’s Website, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

Resources Mentioned

The Chocolate Garage was the place where Max was first exposed to artisan chocolate.

Acalli Chocolate is the company that created the seminal chocolate bar experience that Estelle had.