Erin Andrews, Creator of Indi Chocolate, is interviewed.

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It is a privilege to be able to develop something that benefits others.

-Erin Andrews, indi Chocolate Founder

Even over the phone, Erin Andrews is someone you want to keep conversing and joking with. Erin launched her first chocolate business in Belize in 2008 and has utilized her extroverted talent to create a second chocolate firm in her hometown of Seattle over the previous thirteen years. Indi Chocolate is named after her eldest daughter, who inspired the brand’s first product line: cocoa butter-based moisturizers.

indi has recently expanded into a giant fishbowl-style caf in Pike Place Market, where Erin has been able to maintain her workers and even bring in new customers owing to some pandemic-fueled inventiveness. This is a trademark of Erin’s strategy, as she keeps track of what her consumers want and then finds the most tasty and sustainable method to provide them. In this interview, we talk about working at the source, slave-free chocolate, and community-based company development. I hope you liked listening to our talk as much as I did.

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We cover the following topics:

  • how she got into chocolate making in 2008 with her Belize-based company Cotton Tree Chocolate
  • Erin’s roundabout family health journey to bean to bar chocolate
  • advice to someone starting a brand from scratch in 2021
  • bringing her corporate experience to building up Cotton Tree
  • finding new sustainable packaging in Brazil
  • looking towards the future for indi Chocolate as a “free from” company
  • the approach she takes of building a business through community relationships
  • her work with the slave-free chocolate movement & Community Carrot
  • putting your money where your mouth in how your business spends its resources

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