Harish and Karthi, Co-Founders of Soklet Chocolate, are interviewed.

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The great majority of the agricultural population is still unaware that they are working against nature. Everything is the most recent chemical generation.

-Harish Manoj Kumar, Soklet Chocolate & Regal Plantations Co-Founder

India not only boasts one of the world’s greatest economies, but it also has a diverse spectrum of microclimates, even within each of its 36 states and territories. Four of them are the most suitable for cacao cultivation, and Tamil Nadu is one of them. Here is where you’ll discover Regal Plantations’ fields and Soklet Chocolate’s modest chocolate factory, both run by brothers-in-law Harish Manoj Kumar and Karthi Palaniswamy.

Karthi and Harish have created a profitable company processing and exporting excellent taste cacao, as well as creating and selling handmade chocolate, during the previous five years. In this conversation, Harish and Karthi and I discuss the growth of the Indian cacao and handmade chocolate sector, as well as the tastes of India and how covid is effecting their society. I hope you liked listening to our talk as much as I did.

It is important to note that the broad issues of Indian cacao and chocolate were the emphasis of my conversation with Harish and Karthi, with the final result being the audio episode on Indian Chocolate & Cacao.

We cover the following topics:

  • how Karthi & Harish got started in the fine chocolate industry, and began their organic cacao farming journey
  • where cacao grows in India, and what makes Indian cocoa growing difficult
  • the connection & often competition between cacao and coconut
  • popular chocolate products in India
  • what makes a good cacao bean from the producer’s perspective
  • how they anticipate the local cacao market will grow over the next few years
  • the impact of the pandemic upon their region of India and their business overall

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