How to Clean Premiere Wonder Grinder The First Time

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On the farm where we make our chocolate in the north of Ecuador, we select and process the cacao beans every other Thursday. This gives us complete control over the production of chocolate from bean to bar.

Preparing the Premiere Wonder Grinder

Our process of manufacturing chocolate takes many weeks, and one of the steps involves simultaneously grinding and conching the cacao beans after they have been fermented, dried, and recently roasted. In order to do this task in a manner that is more up to date, the farm has just acquired a machine known as the Premiere Wonder Grinder. This device was initially designed to be used as an Indian spice grinder. On the other hand, the machine has shown itself to be of great assistance in the process of creating chocolate, which is the primary reason why we will be using it on the farm. In spite of this fact, in order for it to be fit for such a function, it first has to be cleaned. I basically used many huge and flat leaves of an unknown but durable species to clear out the muck that was utilized in the first go through to clean out the grinder. This was an undoubtedly environmentally conscious decision, but it was also admittedly not done on purpose.

According to the all-knowing internet, the remedy that was proposed was a mixture of one cup of white sugar and one cup of vegetable oil. When combined, the two ingredients frothed up like a half-caf full-fat soy latte. Despite how revolting it is, I can’t help but feel a little bit proud of myself for doing it. If we had any paper towels on the farm, I would have used them to clean the delicious emulsion, but as we don’t have any, I walked outside to look for some leaves to use instead.

Premiere Wonder Grinder: The Aftermath

The first time the machine was used, everything went well, and there were no accidents or broken items left scattered around the kitchen once it was finished. My friend who works on the farm gave me some actual towels, but he doesn’t fully grasp that what I’m removing should be thrown away right away rather than being imprinted for all time on some innocent dishrag. Not to mention the area inside the drain of the sink. Unbelievably, Rex the Farm Dog made the decision to consume part of the sugary and fatty concoction. After reaching the conclusion that the filthy compost bin shouldn’t be left open for that length of time, I dumped some of the waste outdoors.

The good news is that this material produces an excellent adhesive, and while I was gathering additional leaves from outside, I got to bachata and salsa dance about the kitchen. In addition, after many years of perplexity, I have at last figured out how mayonnaise is made.

The bad news is that this is a rather disgusting procedure, even if it is in some ways ecological.

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of learning how to use a new piece of machinery? Isn’t it a real bother?


How do you clean a wet grinder for the first time?

To begin, use dishwashing liquid to clean the drum as well as the stone that is used for grinding. Perform a thorough washing with water. This procedure will take care of a portion of the dust.

How do you clean a brand new grinder?

Put the grinder inside a container of some kind; a big glass jar or a Ziploc bag work particularly well for this purpose. Put enough isopropyl alcohol into the container so that all of the components of the grinder are completely submerged in it. Allow the grinder to soak for twenty to thirty minutes, and shake the container occasionally to help break up any plant residue that may have accumulated.

Should I clean my grinder after every use?

Bacteria and mold may begin to grow on cannabis over time (cannabis is organic substance, after all), and no one wants to inhale anything that has grown these contaminants. Because of this, it is essential that you clean your grinder on a regular basis.

How do I get the sticky stuff off my grinder?

After spraying the parts of your grinder with rubbing alcohol and leaving them to soak, place the pieces in the container. To assist in the dissolving of the residue that is contained inside the grinder, it is advisable to vibrate the grinder while it is sitting in the alcohol. The length of time spent soaking might range anywhere from one to 10 minutes.

Can you clean a grinder with just water?

One of the most typical solutions for unclogging a blocked grinder is to clean it by putting it in a pot of hot water. Proceed to bring your grinder to a boil for anywhere between five and 10 minutes. After the water has finished boiling, you should use a paper towel to clean in all of the nooks and grooves in the pot. Even a Q-tip may be used to get a more thorough cleaning.

What happens if you don’t clean your grinder?

Everything biological has the potential to deteriorate and decay. Bacteria and mold will eventually start to form on the residue that is stuck to your grinder if you let it sit for long enough. And considering that you’ll be using a grinder to reduce the size of the herbs you’ll be smoking, you don’t want any of the potentially harmful particles to end up in your lungs.

Should I clean grinder before using?

Because of the manner that these grinders are constructed, the most effective method for cleaning them is removing the chamber and then thoroughly washing it with detergent and water. Before you use it, just make sure that it has been completely dried off. On the other hand, many individuals are opposed to the concept of using water to clean the grinder.

How do you break in a new grinder?

The process of “breaking in” may be sped up by putting raw dry par-boiled rice that has been partially cooked through the grinder. Before commencing the seasoning procedure, we do advise drawing a couple shots with your grinder to check the consistency of the ground coffee. Every single burr set is one of a kind, and some of them don’t even need to be seasoned at all.