Interview: Pam Williams, Founder of Ecole Chocolat

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We all come to chocolate from a different perspective… [but] for me it’s really all about education.

-Pam Williams, Ecole Chocolat

Within the realm of chocolate, Pam Williams is regarded as somewhat of a legend. She has worked in the field for more than thirty years, and since 2003, she has been instructing students at Ecole Chocolat on the many aspects of the chocolate business. The school provides training in the production of chocolate in its entirety, from the bean to the bar, as well as in the art of chocolatiering and all the other skills necessary to launch one’s own chocolate company. Due to the fact that this school is conducted exclusively online, it is primarily responsible for the development of the artisan chocolate movement from North America to Europe and farther beyond.

In the most recent episode of this chocolate podcast, which you can listen to here, I had the pleasure of interviewing Pam. Her tale is so amazing that I knew I wanted to share more of it with you. As a result, the following is an amalgamation of Pam’s life experiences, viewpoints, and the many anecdotes that have contributed to the formation of the person she is today. I really hope that you take as much pleasure in hearing about our talk as I did in having it. Note that, as a result of the podcast episode that I was interviewing her for, the subject of the internet features prominently in a number of my questions.

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Pam (right) & her business partner and niece, Alysha (left)

Topics We Cover

  • Pam’s beginnings with chocolate, as well as her very first encounter with cocoa beans
  • Being a pioneer in the field of technology adoption
  • The Beginning of Ecole Chocolat
  • The difficulties associated with operating an educational enterprise online
  • How Pam first became interested in coding and launched her first web company, which had nothing at all to do with confectionery products.
  • The development of technology during the course of the most recent few decades

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