Kjartan Gslason, Co-Founder of OmNom Chocolate, was interviewed.

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We were completely sold out within 24 hours of the program airing. So we had to start sending out pallets and pallets of chocolate since demand had really surged overnight.

-Kjartan Gslason, OmNom Chocolate Co-Founder

OmNom Chocolate has become semi-famous in the recent year as a result of a Netflix sitcom starring Zac Efron. Nevertheless, even before that overnight surge, OmNom was well-known within the handmade chocolate sector. Theyre unique, to say the least, thanks to their rainbow-hued wolf emblem and robust Icelandic tastes like sea salt and licorice or scorched barley. And, as co-founder, Kjartan has been there through it all.

During the course of the epidemic, he’s learned to roll with the punches more than ever before, initially relying on the Icelandic public to keep them afloat, and then desperately attempting to keep up with demand. In this conversation, we discuss subjects such as manufacturing capacity, artisan chocolate ice cream, and Reykjavik’s tourism attractions. Thus, without further ado, please see my interview with Kjartan below. I hope you liked listening to our talk as much as I did.

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We cover the following topics:

  • how OmNom began forming, back in 2012
  • the story of OmNom’s famous multi-colored wolf
  • coming up with their origin lineup and new flavors
  • classic Icelandic flavors & exports
  • opening up an ice cream shop during the pandemic
  • what being on Zac Efron’s Netflix show has done for their business
  • life in Iceland now and before the tourist boon

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