Marcos Patchett, Author of The Hidden Life of Chocolate, is interviewed.

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I’m hoping it’ll be like a series of chocolate Trojan Horses, bringing many individuals to the notion of supplementary medicine or natural goods medicine. [This is] the belief that plants may be a superior type of therapy than separate drugs in certain situations.

-Marcos Patchett, The Hidden Lives of Chocolate author

Writing a book is a massive job, but writing a book about your chosen topic is a gigantic project. The Hidden Life of Chocolate, an authoritative book on cacao authored by medicinal herbalist Marcos Patchett, contains just that. The book’s various chapters feel like separate deep dives into cacao’s many characteristics, as studied via the prism of its therapeutic function in societies across the millennia.

This book has been such a joy to have in my chocolate library that I had to interview Marcos on the show. We discuss some of the most commonly asked chocolate issues, ranging from antioxidants and allergies to the history of cacao rituals. I hope you liked listening to our talk as much as I did.

I got a review copy of Marcos’ book, but I opted to interview him on my own initiative.

We cover the following topics:

  • Background on Marcos’s cacao research & his work as an herbalist and drop-out art student
  • Categories of cacao beverages and the four reasons each of them were consumed in ancient Mesoamerica (ix)
  • Some of the botanicals that can be and are added to cacao beverages & their various reasons for being included
  • What antioxidants are and how our bodies use them, as well as their bio-availability in various chocolates
  • The raw cacao movement (& its validity)
  • FAQ about cacao ceremonies (and Harry Potter)
  • Chocolate allergies
  • Whether chocolate can cause acne

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