The Best Chocolate Shops In & Around Bangkok, Thailand

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Because of its many shopping malls, Italian restaurants, and foreign schools, Bangkok has somewhat of a European flavor while being located in Asia. Like Toyko or Seoul, but smaller. It is one of the most costly areas in Thailand to reside, but it is also one of the most convenient destinations for tourists to visit. If you want to enjoy Bangkok without breaking the bank, it’s a good idea to limit your indulgences to more manageable purchases, such as chocolates created in the area that are known for their superior quality.

When you enter their store, the chocolate makers and chocolatiers in Thailand below know just what it is that you are looking for: decadent truffles that gently coat your lips and explode with taste as they melt in your mouth. The typical cost per item is between one and one and a half dollars in United States currency, making them a standard “affordable luxury” for the majority. Even yet, it used to be exceedingly difficult to track them down, just as it was with artisan beer in Bangkok (and Thailand as a whole). We are really fortunate that Bangkok’s chocolate scene has developed over the last several years.

Reviewing Bangkok Chocolate Options

The city of Bangkok is often portrayed as being filthy, odorous, and dangerous, all of which are occasionally accurate. Despite the fact that the city receives millions of tourists each year—a figure that is more than three times more than the number of residents—there are just a dozen or so European and Japanese chocolatiers competing in Bangkok’s bonbon market. Fortunately, 2018 saw a boom in the number of local Thai chocolate producers in Bangkok. Many of these chocolatiers produce their own bean-to-bar chocolate as well as other delectable items.

It’s a shame that in Chiang Mai, Bangkok’s popular northern equivalent, you’re still more likely to find a wine bar than a chocolate store, but Chiang Mai is definitely becoming more chocolate-friendly. As for Bangkok, it would be impossible to completely and properly pinpoint each of the European chocolatiers on the map. Therefore, I have linked to their websites so that you may discover the places that are nearest to you. There are also some businesses marked off on the map at the bottom of the page, but they are simply a taste of the multitude of imported goods that are accessible at shopping malls.

Even many of the companies that market themselves as being from Thailand (Gallothai) or artisan Thai tastes are really manufactured using imported chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland, or France. This is the case even with many of the brands. If you are seeking for tastes that are made from local ingredients and are of a high quality, you can begin your search with Thai chocolate producers. For instance, for those of you who are familiar with the establishment known as Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, you have undoubtedly realized by this point that it is a large restaurant in the European style and not a chocolate-themed amusement park in Asia (as I had anticipated).

A helpful hint: if you’re at a shopping center, look in the directory to find out where the chocolate stores are located; there’s certain to be at least one.

The chocolate aisle in a premium Bangkok grocery store, conveniently located in a mall.

Thai Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

The year 2018 was a monumental year for bean-to-bar chocolate in Thailand. During this time period, four new cafés opened their doors, and numerous new chocolate producers entered the market. The same pattern of expansion has been seen in 2019, but over the whole of Thailand rather than confined to Bangkok alone. It was difficult for me to acquire any of their goods during my brief visit in Chiang Mai, which is located in Northern Thailand. The city is home to three handmade chocolate producers that currently offer bars and snacks.

If you are interested in purchasing any bars after you have arrived in the nation, send them a message. I will reveal their goals and locations in subsequent editions of this page when more of the up-and-coming chocolate producers in Bangkok begin operating cafes and selling bars of their products.

The locations of the bean-to-bar manufacturers in Thailand are shown on the map below with purple pins.

Kad Kokoa Chocolate

Known for their single origin Thai chocolates as well as their extensive chocolate confectionery and bonbon collection.

Nuttaya and Paniti, two former attorneys who are now chocolate producers, made the decision a few years ago to branch out into chocolate production and quickly discovered that they were completely enamored with the process. They are now devoting their time and energy to not just their recently opened chocolate café, but also to working with Thai cacao farmers in four different parts of the nation and tending to their very own plantation in the country’s northernmost region. Their coffee shop, which spans two stories and is situated in a more residential location just south of the central business district, is flanked on one side by young cocoa plants.

Kad Kokoa has established itself as one of the most popular venues for chocolate lovers in Bangkok by offering a variety of artisan chocolate tastings and pairings, in addition to their gorgeous chocolate pastries and beverages. You should check out their Instagram for frequent updates on the week’s specials since they add something new to their menu each week, but not everything stays on the menu permanently. I would suggest pairing one of their iced cocoa beverages with a cacao nib-studded madeleine or a slice of chocolate cake. Both of these options are delicious (but the bonbons are damn good, too).

Address: Nartiwas 17, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 (see map below)

Hours: 10:30am-7:00pm, daily (opens at 11:30am on Sat/Sun)

Shabar Chocolate

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Chocolate bars and beverages made with Thai beans are what this company is famous for.

Shabar Chocolate is owned and operated by a young couple who are both bankers and chocolate enthusiasts. They are one of the few chocolate manufacturers in Thailand who continue to work full-time jobs. They have been selling their bars across Bangkok at farmer’s markets and in cafes for some years now, and they are gradually extending their product line to include a variety of chocolate chocolate beverages and sauces. At the moment, the team works mostly with cacao from Thailand, but they complement their dark chocolate with a wide range of inclusions, providing a taste option for everyone who is prepared to explore the darker side of chocolate.

The more experienced of the two fermenters, Narut, has been investigating the effects of various factors on the taste of fresh cacao from Thailand via a series of tests. If you go to one of their chocolate tastings or pop-up stores, you will most likely discover his chocolate alongside that of some other producers. He is always searching for ways to improve upon a product that is already quite good.

Address: TBD (check Instagram for an upcoming market or to place an order)

Hours: online shop

PARADAi Chocolate

Thai bean-to-bar chocolate bars and bonbons are well-known around the world.

The PARADAi Chocolate Cafe in Bangkok is one of the city’s newest chocolate shops, but it has already won two International Chocolate Awards in the Asia-Pacific competition held in 2018, and it has garnered tremendously excellent feedback from the general public. All of the cacao that they utilize comes from their own farm in Nakhon Si Thammarat, which is located in southern Thailand just south of Chumphon and is the primary growing location for cacao in Thailand. The only exception to this is their brand new Belize bar. Their café is perfect for shooting photographs since it is extremely open and naturally light, and it is just one block away from Khao San Road, often known as backpacker street.

Both dark and milk chocolate are available from PARADAi, and the company’s bars and bonbons come in vibrant packaging that is reminiscent of the jungle. PARADAi’s chocolates may be purchased in both bar and bonbon form. They utilize a mold that is astonishingly detailed to make their bars, but the bonbons, with their delicate tastes and vibrant slashes of color, are likely to be the first thing that catches your attention when you visit their shop (my favorites are the Rose and the Passion Fruit & Sesame). Before you go, be sure to save some space for their renowned iced chocolate drink.

Address: 197 Thanon Tanao, Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200 (see map below)

Hours: 9:30am-6pm, Wed.-Mon.

Böhnchen & Co. Chocolate

Bean to bar sugar-free and keto chocolates are what this brand is famous for.

Ayano and Tobi’s foray into the world of craft chocolate was initially intended to be nothing more than a simple extension of their selection of keto- and paleo-friendly foods that are both nutritious and delectable. However, they caught the craft chocolate fever very quickly and haven’t looked back since. The healthy pair keeps their business going with all of its delectable offerings, which now include anything from chocolate-covered pili nuts and chocolate hazelnut spread to meal seasonings and supplies. They produce a wide variety of single origin and flavored chocolate bars, including sugar-free white, milk, and dark variants, using cacao sourced from locations all over the globe.

Bohnchen utilizes their own chocolate to produce all of the sweets that are sold in the café; thus, if you go there in person, you are welcome to ask for a sample of whatever they sell. The firm works mostly online. You can take my word for it, but I can assure you that not only will they shock you, but they will also make you really happy. In addition to the bars, I would also strongly suggest getting some chocolate gelato and a large bag of chile salted pili nuts to take with you on the journey.

Address: 2991/20 (2F), Visuthanee Hi-Tech Office Park Lat Phrao 101/3 Road, Klongchan, Khet Bang Kapi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240 (see map below)

Hours: 9am-5:30pm, though mostly online orders

Xoconat Craft Chocolate

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renowned for their decadent packed chocolate bars and crispy toffees with a Thai flavor

This self-branded artisan chocolatier has finally opened her very own store, albeit the majority of her sales are still conducted online. Even now, she is one of the very few chocolate manufacturers in Bangkok who also creates bonbons, despite the fact that they are notoriously difficult to maintain in stock. Nat offers a variety of collections of her bonbons and bars that are modeled by those seen in Europe but have tastes that are uniquely Thai. Nat places a high priority on quality and originality, despite the fact that her primary concern is sourcing Thai cacao and other ingredients.

Her collections include flavors such as Vegan Vietnamese Ganache to Lavender Caramel Shortbread, and everything in between. You can also find her at the majority of artisan chocolate events held in Bangkok; however, if you are interested in a more personalized chocolate experience, she hosts regular classes in her new store where participants may learn how to make truffles and bars. You may place an order for a box by going to her website or Instagram and letting her know what you want, or you can get in touch with her to schedule an appointment in her store. In my stead, I’d appreciate it if you’d keep an eye out for the Optical Hopscotch Bar.

Address: 1112, 121 Sukhumvit Plus 2 Alley, Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Hours: by appointment only

Sarath N. Chocolatier

Chocolate-based baked goods and bonbons with a Thai influence are the company’s trademarks.

Sarath was one of the first individuals in Thailand to make chocolate from bean to bar, despite the fact that he has the title of “Master Chocolatier.” However, he is also justly famous for the gorgeous pastries and chocolates that he creates, and his contemporary chocolate café focuses on these particular areas of expertise. The majority of Thais are used to eating bonbons that are modeled after those found in Europe; nevertheless, he puts a focus on tastes and ingredients that are distinctively Thai. These are often obtained not just from local sources but also from the farmer himself, who has a farm just outside of Bangkok.

When Sarath is not cooking in his own kitchen, he spends a lot of time traveling across Thailand and other areas of Asia to learn about regional products from other chefs. He then brings all of that information back to his own kitchen. There are seven different varieties of bonbons, a few chocolate bars, croissants, and some beautiful single-serve desserts available at this little little café, which offers seating for a dozen people. On their limited beverage menu, chocolate takes center stage, but they also offer a few other kinds of coffee for you to choose from. Before you leave, it is strongly recommended that you sample a pastry as well as a little dish of bonbons.

Address: 241/7, Pradipat Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, 10400 (see map below)

Hours: 10am-7pm, daily

Up & Coming Chocolate Makers

There are five chocolate firms in Bangkok, each having their own unique selection of chocolate and different availability. One of these establishments is the shop known as Yellow Chocolate, which got its name from the yellow cacao pods that Thailand is so well-known for producing; they run their business out of Larna House in Eastern Bangkok. Patom Organic Living, located in the heart of Bangkok, is where you can get chocolate made by Our Chocolate. This chocolate is made from bean to bar.

One of the oldest of the five enterprises is Kai Chocolate, which can be purchased at Coffeeas in the heart of Bangkok. The last two are Metha Chocolate, which is exclusively available online, and Chocolasia, which is a producer and processor for bigger quantity chocolate goods. Both of these companies are based in Asia. It is difficult to determine where to acquire things from the latter two, but you may get additional information by visiting their websites.

Bonbons from Sarath N., who has a cafe in Central Bangkok.

Bangkok Chocolatiers

I’ve put these Bangkok chocolatiers on this list on the off-chance that some individuals may be interested in purchasing chocolate from these particular companies, or just interested in purchasing chocolate that is imported from other countries. However, I brought up the Thai bean to the bar manufacturers first since I am of the opinion that if you are in Thailand, you should purchase Thai chocolate because it is so much superior than the other options.

In addition, several of the chocolate shops in Bangkok also make bonbons, all of which are of high quality and come at reasonable prices.


Infamous for its chocolate-covered potato chips, matcha bonbons, and chocolate-covered ganache platters

It’s possible that Royce is one of the most popular keepsakes that visitors visiting Japan carry back with them. These days, you can get a box of nama chocolate from them at almost every airport in the world, including those in Japan and many others. Customers keep coming back despite the fact that the atmosphere doesn’t exactly scream “Thailand” due to the charming, clean atmosphere and silky smooth chocolate.

Royce is one of the oldest chocolate firms in Japan, and its headquarters are located in Hokkaido, which is not a coincidence. As a result, the tastes at Royce are far more Japanese than those of the nationally renowned Melt Me, and the Royce brand has stronger notoriety. To me, it appears like the quality is about the same.

Address: Siam Paragon, G floor, 1 Phatumwan, 991 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 (several  locations; see map below for select stores)

Hours: 10am-8pm, daily (all locations)


Chocolate milkshakes, chocolate truffles, and chocolate ice cream cones are some of the things this restaurant is famous for.

Godiva is perhaps the first brand that springs to mind when you think about purchasing European chocolate in Bangkok. Godiva is a Belgian chocolate firm, although many tourists undoubtedly believe it is an American company since it has so many branches and so extensive distribution in the United States. However, Godiva is a Belgian corporation.

It doesn’t get very cold in Thailand, therefore their iced hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream cones are among of their most popular things. During the warmer months of March and April, you’ll see even more people buying these items. If you don’t know what to anticipate, the many tastes of truffles will blow your mind. However, their boxes of truffles continue to be their most popular product, since they are known for being a “affordable luxury” that the general public can enjoy.

Address: Siam Paragon, 1st Floor, 991 Rama 1 Rd Khwaeng Pathum Wan Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 (several locations; see map below for select locations)

Hours: 10am-10pm, daily (all locations)

Mrs. Flowers Chocolates

Bonbons with different flavors and chocolate bark are what they are famous for.

Mrs. Flowers is the first “luxury” chocolate brand to launch in Bangkok. It is a Thai-owned and -operated business with multiple store locations throughout Bangkok and one in Pattaya. Pattaya is the firm’s only other presence outside of Bangkok. The primary location acts as a little museum for the process of creating chocolate, providing information on the procedure while also selling bonbons produced using Swiss chocolate that has been processed in Thailand.

The firm sells a variety of chocolates with classic flavors, in addition to fruit-based and nut-based lines of speciality truffles that are available everyday. The business is still run by the original owner, who monitors all aspects of the company’s operations. The almond bark covered in dark chocolate is by far their best-selling product.

Address: 304 Romklao Road (Between Soi 12 and Soi 10) Minburi Khwaeng Min Buri, Khet Min Buri, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10510 (several locations; see map below for select locations)

Main Museum Hours: 9am-5pm, Mon.-Sat.

Duc de Praslin (Gallothai)

Duc de Praslin truffles from Belgium.

Distinguished for their truffles infused with Thai spices.

In Thailand, Duc de Praslin, another Belgian chocolatier that has opted to extend their empire into Asia, took a different strategy by combining tastes that are traditional to the country. The more classic tastes, such as praline and dark chocolate truffles, etc., are still available in their stores; but, durian, wasabi, pad cha, and other exotic options are also available.

The truffles I purchased did not leave a very favorable impression on me, but the unusual taste profiles could be appealing to you on your own. I’m not a big fan of onions, so I’ll pass on the onion bonbon. Garlic, on the other hand, is one of my favorite flavors. The organization has three locations in Bangkok, in addition to one in Phuket and one in Pattaya each.

Address: 191 Si Lom, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500 (multiple locations; see map below for select locations)

Hours: varies greatly by location

Bangkok Chocolate Activities

You may be shocked to learn that in addition to being a major destination for tourists, Bangkok is also known as a major metropolis for its cuisine. In addition to enjoying the exquisite Thai food that features tastes from each of the country’s regions, visitors from across the globe also travel to this destination to take part in the many culinary workshops and events that are offered. Fortunately for all of us, a number of these activities have some kind of chocolate-related focus.

These are some of those kid-friendly alternatives that are also mouthwateringly delicious.

The Chocolate House

Classes in baking and chocolate making at a professional level are our specialty.

Looking to enhance your game when it comes to pastries and chocolate while you’re in Bangkok? That is exactly what Master Chocolatier Sarath Nimlamai is prepared to assist you with doing. In 2015, Mr. Nimlamai competed in the Pastry category of the Iron Chef Thailand competition and was awarded First Place. He has a great deal of expertise in all aspects of desserts. His institution provides a variety of lessons in pastry, as well as instruction in chocolate production from bean to bar in English (see above for info on his chocolate shop in Bangkok).

Both the well-traveled and award-winning pastry chef, as well as his concentration on Thai delicacies from every corner of the nation, are what set The Chocolate House apart from other restaurants in the area. In addition, the fact that he formerly worked in the chocolate industry gives him access to a wider body of knowledge from which to draw while instructing his chocolatier workshops. This gives each of his lessons that certain something extra.

Address: locations of each class varies; inquire via Instagram

Hours: see the school’s calendar of classes by clicking their name above

Chocolab Chocolate Making Class

This chocolate cooking class is available on a daily basis by request, and there must be at least two participants enrolled in order for the lesson to take place. Participants in the session will have the opportunity to develop not one, but two unique recipes for chocolate truffles, in addition to a batch of mediants (French disks of chocolate dotted with fruits and nuts).

There is a morning session and an afternoon class, and both of them cost 800 TBH per participant. The afternoon class, however, gives participants the opportunity to purchase an additional hour of chocolatey deliciousness during the shop’s “Chocolate Rush Hour” for an additional 400 TBH (normally 750TBH). If you want to make this your Valentine’s Day activity in Bangkok as it is aimed at adults, I would recommend making reservations well in advance.

Address: 2 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 (see map below)

Hours: 10am-12pm or 2:30pm-4:30pm, daily (book at least 1 day in advance)

The Sukothai Hotel’s Chocolate Buffet

The Sukhothai’s Lobby Salon restaurant is home to Thailand’s one and only chocolate buffet, which may be enjoyed in the afternoons on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The chocolate spread was first introduced in 2001 by the restaurant’s pastry chef, Laurent Ganguillet. It consists of one table that is entirely covered with chocolate-themed desserts and another table that is located across the aisle and is loaded with savory snacks. In addition to a choice of coffee or tea from the restaurant’s menu, unrestricted access to the Chef’s choose-your-own hot chocolate station is included into the price of 990 BHT.

Read the complete review here to find out more information about their buffet.

Address: 13/3, The Sukhothai Bangkok, 1st Floor, Sathon Tai Road, Thung Mahamek, Khet Sathon, Bangkok, 10120 (see map below)

Hours: Fri/Sat/Sun, 2pm-5pm

The Chocolate Factory

renowned for its chocolate-making classes, its café on the premises, and its extensive selection of bonbons

The only thing they are lacking is a bedroom for me to reside in towards the rear of the building. The Chocolate Factory’s offerings, which include a chocolate-making class, an Italian restaurant, and a wide selection of chocolates for sale, make it tough to resist the temptation to relocate there. Customers are brought to them despite the fact that they are not situated in Bangkok but rather some distance outside of the city, and this is done via the use of an events calendar that has workshops taught by a certified chef. Please take some fruity bonbons with you and send them to me after you go. Or at the very least, a photo, I implore you to provide one.

Address: 400/626 Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150 (3 locations; see map below)

Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm, daily

Feel free to share this article on chocolate in Bangkok, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions or additions.

Bangkok Chocolate Map

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What is the famous chocolate in Thailand?

Kad Kokoa. This chocolate store, which has won several awards, is a well-known brand in the Thai chocolate sector and is responsible for redefining the culture of Thai chocolatiers. The chocolate-making method at Kad Kokoa does not include the use of any additives since the company focuses on bringing out the natural flavors of the cacao bean.

Where to buy chocolate in Thailand?

The Best Chocolate Shops In & Around Bangkok, Thailand

  • Kad Kokoa Chocolate.
  • Chocolate in the form of a bar
  • PARADAi Chocolate.
  • Chocolate made by Bohnchen & Company.
  • Craft Chocolate made by Xoconat.
  • Chocolatier located in Sarath N.
  • Chocolate Manufacturers Who Are Just Starting Out.

Which place is most famous for chocolate?

Brussels, Belgium

If you have a need for anything sweet, you should surely go to the biggest and capital city of Belgium. The term “Chocolate Capital of the World” has been given to this location. Because Brussels is so well-known for the originality of its chocolates and because the city is so densely populated with chocolate stores, the city is home to a wide variety of fantastic chocolate businesses.

Who is the world’s best chocolatier?

The Best Chocolatiers in the World

  • Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier, Brussels. …
  • Laderach, Switzerland. …
  • Neuhaus, Brussels. …
  • Firetree. …
  • Teuscher, Switzerland. …
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate, located in the city of New York…
  • Confiserie Sprüngli, Switzerland. …
  • Scharffen Berger Chocolate, Ashland, Oregon.