Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe Made Easy

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It’s difficult to find a dependable vegan hot chocolate recipe! I’ve polished mine over the years using my favorite coconut milk foundation, but you can use whatever plant-based milk you choose, from full-fat to fat-free. In addition to some wonderful artisan chocolate, you’ll need a small saucepan and a stovetop burner, or a microwave to prepare this vegan hot chocolate recipe.


  • 6-8 oz. of plant-based mylk of your choice
  • 2 oz. of chopped vegan chocolate (white, milk, or dark, but make sure it’s sweet enough for your taste)
  • Optional: a pinch of salt or pure monk fruit extract


The true secret to great vegan hot chocolate is to cut your chocolate extremely finely and simply heat the milk.

To begin, cut your preferred chocolate, whether in bar or chip form, into small slivers. Next, heat your mylk of choice in a pot over the stove (or nuke it in the microwave), warming it until it’s just a little too hot to touch.

Remove the pan from the heat and place it on a separate surface. Let the pan or cup to remain alone for two minutes after adding all of your selected chocolate. Don’t even think about touching it. This resting period helps the chocolate to melt naturally, and if you overheat your mylk, it may burn the chocolate or separate the cacao solids from the cocoa butter, so keep it on a moderate heat.

After a few minutes, softly swirl or whisk your beverages together, incorporating the mylk and chocolate from the bottom of the container upward. Never worry if the chocolate’s fat and solids separate. Just re-combine everything with a high-powered whisk or an immersion blender; this will also result in a frothier drink.

I normally add a sprinkle of salt at this point to balance off the sweetness, but serve your cocoa anyway you prefer and enjoy!

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